The Founder:

Specialist in international trade and business management, Renaud Derbin founded Atcoda Consulting in 2019 after noting how difficult it is for many SMEs to develop internationally.

 With nearly 20 years of export experience, as a director of European subsidiaries and sales office, he specializes in the management of chemical risks, in particular within the French group Prevor and then goes on several missions for SMEs in the occupational health sector.

In addition, Treasurer of SYNAMAP, the French professional organisation of the players in the protection market, from 2008, he became its President in 2015, and inscribed his action in strengthening relations with both the French authorities and European professional organizations. Particularly involved in the draft of a new European regulation on personal protective equipment, it is working with its teams to raise the visibility of SYNAMAP member companies.

Our missions – Our expertise

Analyse  and identify the strengths and areas for improvement of your business and your solutions

see in place the progress plans and strategic axes that allow you to successfully develop your business and business in a given geographical area

Reinforce your partner network or develop a legal structure on your own

Identify future opportunities for your products, especially on PPE and DM.